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    I have both of these. They’re lovely.
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    One of our favorite photos of these zines. By Megan McIsaac. You can get both these zines right here at Pioneers Press.
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    I won!!!
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    nice …
  6. proofofyouth said: Hope I win, I love Neutral Milk Hotel!
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    FUCKING COOL. My friend Megan McIsaac is giving away zines I made in a tumblr contest. Check it:
  8. bemypassenger said: Great opportunity!
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  10. rebekahcecillia said: Love your photos, Megan! Best, Rebekah Santiago, Chile
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  16. echoingfootsteps said: I am in love with your photos. You are one of the few bloggers that I actually follow, but you make being on tumblr worth it! - Kathleen (
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